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Other Casualty Insurance is used to describe an area of insurance not mainly or directly concerned with property and marine insurance.

Other Casualty Insurances are:

1. Comprehensive General Liability (CGL). It is also called Commercial General Liability. It is an insurance policy that protects a business against Legal Liability that may arise because of bodily injury or property damage to business operations on the business premises. This type of insurance is beneficial, especially to small business owners. The insured company is protected against third-party property damage, advertising injuries, reputational harm, and third-party bodily injury.

2. Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL). A type of insurance is the same as the Comprehensive General Liability except that the one insured is the dwelling owned by the Assured. This insurance provides protection to you and to your family from any financial losses due to claims of bodily injury and property damage incurred by the third party for which you or your covered residents are legally responsible. Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance may cover claims such as libel, slander, and invasion of privacy. Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance does not cover liability resulting from a car accident, intentional bodily injury, or property damage either by you or your family member and arising out of any business or professional activities.

3. Money, Security, and Payroll Robbery Insurance (MSPR). It is a type of insurance that protects the insured company against loss of cash, securities, and payroll due to theft and robbery.

4. Fidelity Guarantee. It is insurance that covers any acts of fraud and dishonesty by the employee of the insured company. It is also known as Employee Dishonesty. This policy protects the insured company from any financial losses caused by an employee acting dishonestly. Although it is also called a Fidelity Bond, this is not transferable and does not accumulate interest. This type of insurance is a notion of enterprise risk management.

5. Floater Insurance. It is an all-risk type of insurance that covers the insured’s properties, whether stationary or is transported from one place to another. Also known as personal property floater. It covers anything from jewelry to expensive equipment. Floater insurance covers items are fine art, firearms, cameras, sporting equipment, musical instruments, postage stamps, and collections such as coins, comics, and other collections.

6. Golfer’s Comprehensive Insurance. It is insurance that covers the loss or damage to the golf clubs and other golf-related equipment of the Assured. It also covers bodily injury to any third party caused by the insured while playing in a recognized course.